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President – Dr Gerard Nah

Gerard Nah is a third generation Josephian who counts his years in SJI as amongst the best and most meaningful of his life. His favourite memories would be his times as legionary of Mary, his baptism in the school chapel in Bras Basah Road, representing his class in Debates, playing soccer in the mud with his class and the founding of his secondary 4 class band, Destination Unknown. His son, Gabriel is the 4th generation in his family to be a Josephian.

He had served in the Republic of Singapore Air Force and government restructured hospitals for over 20 years before moving into private practice as a Senior Consultant in Ophthalmology and Aviation Medicine. He is active in the Roman Catholic Prison Ministry, as well as the Genesis Family Choir & Infant Baptism Ministry at the Church of St Francis Xavier. He hopes to bring a spirit of revival and renewal to the OBA as it supports SJI’s La Sallian mission.

He is joyfully married with three wonderful children and 2 spritely dogs. He enjoys cooking his mother’s recipes for them in his free time and tries to walk a little closer with his creator daily.


Vice-President – Bernard Yeo

Bernard attended St. Michael’s School and is from the graduating class of 1980. While at SJI, he was with the Pelandok Scout Group and awarded the President’s Scout Award.Bernard is an entrepreneur and Group MD of the Aladdin Group.


Honorary Secretary – Lionel Tan

Lionel was from De La Salle Primary School and happily moved on to SJI, where he graduated in 1984.  The 4 years spent at SJI were the most memorable and impactful time of his life.  He was the Head Prefect and a Staff Sergeant in the NPCC.    He began his career as a Deputy Public Prosecutor and in 1998 joined the law firm of Rajah & Tann and is presently a partner there.  He volunteers with the Law Society Pro Bono Services Office where he regularly gives talks at schools on various legal topics, such as CyberBullying and respecting Intellectual Property rights.

 In the tradition of many SJI boys, he married a girl from CHIJ and has 2 daughters and a son.   He hopes to contribute in a meaningful way to the SJI OBA so as to ensure that it remains a vibrant, relevant and exciting community.   


Honorary Treasurer – Simon Seow

Simon was blessed with a Lasallian education at SJI.  The Military Band cultivated his love and appreciation of music.  His years at SJI helped to shape his identity with a principled foundation. 

Simon enjoys being a business development manager with a local manufacturer of personal care products. 

From the class of 2000, he hopes to realize the aspirations of the Alumni together with the Executive Committee.  To paraphrase a poem by W.B.Yeats, “Had I the heaven’s embroidered cloths, I would spread the cloths under your feet.  But I, being poor, have only our dreams.  Tread softly because we are treading through our dreams.”


Ordinary Member – Dr Jeremy Netto

Jeremy is a second generation Josephian coming from St. Michael’s School and belongs to the graduating class of ’97. During his formative years in SJI, he was actively involved in the NCC (Air) as well as the Legion of Mary and even continued his involvement in the NCC well into his tertiary studies.

Today, he is a research scientist and part of a global life sciences R&D team in a Fortune 500 company and attributes much of his decision to specialize in this industry back to the influence and motivation of all his science teachers.

Besides work, he is an active grassroots volunteer serving the community in the eastern side of Singapore as well as a lector serving in the Church of Divine Mercy’s Lector Ministry. In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving and long drives especially in Malaysia.


Ordinary Member – Cary Chan

Most of his Josephian buddies would know Cary as one of a pair, two of a kind. He attended St. Anthony’s Boys’ School and SJI with his identical twin brother. Cary is from the graduating class of 1987, the last batch to do so at the Bras Basah campus. During his SJI days, Cary held key appointments in NPCC and Interact Club.  Cary’s affinity with SJI remained strong after he left school as he organised his batch’s 10th (1997), 20th (2007) and the soon-to-be their 30th Anniversary (2017). He was also actively involved in the 1987 Homecoming Dinner in 2009 and the 160th Anniversary Dinner in 2012.    

Cary is currently a Client Director at the Singapore Management University. He has been in the field of executive education for the last 20 years with leading institutions such as the Helsinki School of Economics, INSEAD, the Singapore University of Technology and Design and Nanyang Business School at NTU.  In his spare time, Cary is involved in motorsports and tracks on the F1 circuit in Sepang, Malaysia. He is married with 3 children. His son is currently schooling in SJIJ.


Ordinary Member – Anthony Lim

Anthony, who hails from the class of 1977 is a pioneer and veteran cyber-security consultant, advocate, auditor, instructor and business leader in the Asia Pacific region, with over 20 years’ professional experience.  Anthony is a Fellow at Singapore University of Social Sciences (formerly UniSIM), a life alumni member of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and is a guest and adjunct instructor at several universities in Singapore and the region.

A devout cradle catholic, he has been active since Sec 1 in parish and school liturgical and community activities.  He has been playing for Suntec weekday lunchtime Masses since 2003, and at ad hoc events, such as caroling, prayer and music sessions at hospitals, hospices, and old folks homes.  He is married, with two girls and is a Eucharistic minister at his parish.

During his SJI days, Anthony was a prefect for all 4 years, a member of the St John Ambulance Brigade, and also a “kaypo” with the Safety First Club, flag-selling, inter-school Science & Industry Quiz series and inter-school debating team.


Ordinary Member – Kelvin Hoon

Kelvin is from the graduating class of 1998. Having first attended St Michael’s School then SJI, he sung the school song and wore the green-white striped tie for 10 years, wholeheartedly. At SJI, he served actively in the NPCC up to the rank of Staff Sergeant and continued on after graduation, as a Cadet Inspector. He too actively participated in the yearly inter-class sports, inter-school astronomy quiz, school expedition trips, a Singapore Youth Festival participant and an Adventure Camp Student Leader.

He is a certified Project Management Professional and having served across different public sector agencies for over 10 years. He is presently a Senior Project Manager at the Building and Construction Authority and an Adjunct Lecturer at FY Institute of Technology.

He is married with two lovely daughters and in his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his SJI mates over an occasional game of football and rocking out to music. Up to this day, he remains grateful for the education he have had at SJI and now hopes to contribute more through the SJIOBA. 


Ordinary Member – Benedict Chang

Benedict Chang attended De La Salle Primary School and graduated from SJI in 1984. During his time at SJI, he was a member of the St John’s Ambulance Brigade, Interact Club and several other societies. He was also a rebel that broke most of the school’s rules. The 4 years at SJI was indeed memorable, fun and exciting. He hopes to contribute towards building a vibrant SJIOBA community.

He is currently managing his humble family business while pursuing his Advanced Diploma in Theology (Morals) at the Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore. He is happily married to a wonderful SAC girl with 2 fantastic teenage children. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and baking with his wife.


Ordinary Member – Joseph Owyong

Joseph thoroughly enjoyed his La Sallian school days from primary one in St Michael’s School to SJI at Bras Basah, graduating in 1981.  He is ever grateful for the many learning experiences in the class rooms and hallowed halls of SJI, especially lessons on life by the teachers and La Sallian values, which included prayers at every juncture of the school day. 

Profession wise, he has been involved in IT and geo- location information systems, satellite imaging and driverless car sensing technologies for more than ten years. He is currently a part of a company offering psychometric profiling and education for optimising human capital potential. 

Joseph hopes to see that the alumni will become more giving, vibrant, united and inclusive, especially in times of uncertainty for many.