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Demystifying Cyber Security - An Introduction

For some, cyber-security is esoteric, exotic, exciting (the stuff at movies)! For others, especially those working in it, it can be painful, tedious, dry … yet rewarding in its unseen and unsung mission in helping make our cyber-world a safer place for all.

This webinar deconstructs the apparently mystical world of cyber-security and breaks it down into the fundamental building blocks, and also not deal with all the technical stuff within; we take a quick look at:

- The basic 3-prong mantra of cyber-security (“C-I-A”: confidentiality, integrity, availability, also "P-P-T": people process, technology).
- IT infrastructure domains.
- Some basic cyber-attack motivations and approaches.
- Some basic cyber-security solutions (for personal and for enterprise) and governance (awareness, audit, policy).
- Data privacy and protection.
- Cybersecurity management - risks, threats, vulnerabilities.
- Some personal cyber-protection and “hygiene” tips and best practices.

Date: Wednesday, 29 July 2020
Time: 8.00pm
Platform: Zoom 
(Virtual synchronous webinar due to COVID-19 precautionary measures. Login details will be provided to registered participants only)

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Anthony Lim
SJI Class of 77

Anthony is a pioneer in cyber-security and governance in Singapore and Asia Pacific, with over 20 years’ professional experience as a business leader, consultant, advocate, instructor and auditor. His current areas of interest include cloud security, application security, smart cities, IoT and governance standards.

He was a former Director of Cloud Security Alliance in Singapore and the region, co-authored an acclaimed international cloud security professional certification, and has held inaugural senior executive roles for the Asia Pacific security businesses for Check Point, CA and IBM, and was also lead consultant for one of the biggest telco cyber-security projects.

Besides his position as Director, ASEAN Chapter, Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + International Studies (, Anthony is also a Fellow at the Singapore University of Social Sciences and Regional Principal Consultant at Fortinet.

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