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Hawker Culture: Staying Alive

To quote the American author and journalist Bill Buford on food: “It is an identity, culture and history. It is science and nature, and botany. It is earth. It is our family, our philosophy, our past. It is the most important matter in our lives. It is more than its ingredients… But it is also just dinner. It is serious, and not.”
Originating on the streets, Singapore’s colourful hawker food culture has become an iconic part of the city-state’s way of life. Singapore’s hawker food culture has evolved and flourished, becoming a national institution in itself.
Hawkers are central to the hawker trade and our hawker culture. To preserve our hawker culture, a balance needs to be struck between affordable food options and respectable earnings for our hawkers. Join us as KF Seetoh celebrates its origins and argues that more than be done to support Singapore’s hawkers and keep this unique culinary tradition alive.

Date: Thursday, 25 June 2020
Time: 8.00pm to 9.00pm
Platform: Zoom 
(Virtual synchronous webinar due to COVID-19 precautionary measures. Login details will be provided to registered participants only)


Mr KF Seetoh
Founder, Makansutra
Singapore’s Food Ambassador
SJI Class of 1978

Hailed as a “Food Guide Maven” and the “Guru of Grub” by New York Times and CNN respectively, KF Seetoh has been championing street food culture in many ways. He was accorded and recognised as Singapore’s Food Ambassador by then President Mr SR Nathan. After a decade of professional stints in the media industry, KF Seetoh put a lucrative photography business aside and founded Makansutra.

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