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Preparing our Children in a Changing Education Landscape for an Uncertain Future: What can parents do?

As parents, we know first-hand the importance of problem-solving abilities in equipping our children to face the future, regardless of what new technologies and new jobs may emerge tomorrow. Our Ministry of Education recognises this and has been pivoting towards developing our students’ higher-order thinking skills and the ability to analyse and solve complex problems in Science and Mathematics. The revised Science syllabuses in primary and secondary levels also emphasize the need for students to be skilled at Science and Engineering Practices.

But what are these Practices? What if my child isn't interested in Science and Engineering, do these practices work for children who are interested in the arts? What can parents do to engage their children in the tedious process of learning? How can our children better adapt to the changing requirements of the Science curriculum? How early should I start preparing them without affecting their childhood?

Using concrete examples, Eric will draw on more than 2 decades of experience with children, teachers, parents, and pedagogical experts to answer these questions and share with our SJIOBA parents of preschool and primary school-going children my thoughts on:

1. What makes children want to learn anything;
2. Strategies that parents can adopt to engage their children in learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (collectively known as STEM);
3. Tools we can use to help our children pick up problem-solving practices as means to do well in the changing science curriculum expectations in Singapore.

Eric will also demonstrate how such STEM-practices are relevant to students who aren't inclined towards learning science and technology. Attending members could also look forward to a set of downloadable free resources that they can use with their children to start off this journey of discovery --- the process of getting our children hooked on learning and problem-solving can be seemingly challenging, yet very possible, with the right amount of help!

If you are a concerned parent with primary or kindergarten children, join us for this webinar.

Speaker: Eric Lam - SJI Class of 88
Webinar Details: Wednesday, 14 April 2021 @ 8.00 pm
Slots: Limited to 50
Cost: Complimentary
Platform: Zoom (virtual synchronous webinar due to COVID-19 precautionary measures. Login details will be provided to registered participants only)
Closing Date: 12 April 2021 or when full

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About our Speaker

3E745943-3350-402B-BC42-2A27B17AEC6F.jpegEric Lam is an internationally recognised expert in Inquiry-Based and STEM Learning, having co-authored some of the most successful science textbooks used in Singapore. He brings unique perspectives, gained from having trained more than 10,000 educators worldwide over the last 20 years. He is widely regarded as the go-to-source on STEM Learning and has been invited to speak at events and to global organisations including SINGTEL, Edtech Asia, and Digital Education Show Asia (DESA). Eric also trains teachers in China on methods of innovative teaching, certified by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Additionally, Eric's works in STEM resources for kids have won numerous international awards and are endorsed by leading experts in STEM learning as the “21st Century answer to a 21st Century problem” in education. Eric graduated from SJI in 1988 in the pioneer batch of graduating Josephians at the Malcolm Road Campus.

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