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Josephian Family Mission

The Josephian Family Mission consists of members and their families who are dedicated to making the world a better place. It plans and organises yearly mission trips to the La Salle School in Cambodia. A fun and exciting group of members. Come join us for our Mission Trips and gathering to spread the Good News. Josephian Family Mission is headed by Gerard Nah and his team of lovely members.Contact us for our next gathering or check out the News section for updates.


Contact: +65 9624 8794



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Josephian Mentoring Circle

The Josephian Mentoring Circle (JMC) is an initiative by the SJIOBA established in 2021 to support its members at the different stages of their life. Mentoring is about having a more experience person journeying, supporting and sharing their experiences with you as you encounter the different challenges at different stages of your life. The JMC consists of members who are willing to be mentors to journey, support and share their experience with other members.

Contact Simon Seow for more information.


Contact: +65 9789 6330


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Business Society

A Society for Members who are in business and those who are interested in business networking. The Business Society is a group of business owners who meet regularly to network and share ideas. The greatest asset in today's business world is your network.The Business Society is managed by Benedict Chang and his team of fellow business associates.Contact us to find out more about our next gathering or check the News section for updates.


Contact: +65 9127 0080



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Sports Club

A club for all sports lovers. Join us for our sports activities and get to know other sports enthusiasts.Contact Jason Lee to find out more or check our News section for updates on our up coming sports events.


Contact: +65 8468 3872