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About Us
Welcome to the home of St. Joseph's Institution Old Boys' Association (SJIOBA).

The SJIOBA represents its members' interests and concerns of the School and makes available to its members the network of talents and perspectives of its members through its programs, activities, and services.

You are invited to explore our website and app to stay updated on our activities, programs, events, promotions, privileges and more that have been specially organised for your. Do provide us with your feedbacks and volunteer your skills and expertise to grow the SJIOBA further.

Ora et Labora
The Executive Committee

Vision, Mission and Values
A Josephian family driven and nurtured by a spirit of faith, fellowship, solidarity and service, in the continued tradition of SJI.

Through our events, activities and programs:
a. To establish and maintain an alumni network of mutual support;
b. To be the bridge between the Josephian alumni family and SJI;
c. To mentor, support and guide current and future generation of Josephians;
d. To perpetuate the Josephian heritage and tradition.

a. Faith
b. Service
c. Charity
d. Community

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