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Established since 2017, is the first vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform based in Singapore. Created by Pte Ltd and a team of security professionals from bug bounty hall of fame of Facebook, Uber, Google and many more, we empower companies to protect their customer data, trust and loyalty. has a host of services that work seamlessly with our range of products to support and enable organization. Without heavy investments, it allows the organization to work with a peace of mind in a secured environment.

For annual subscription of $3,850, the SME Cyber Security Essential Bundle includes PDPA Data Encryption and protection, Anti-Email Spoofing and Cyber Security Insurance. The bundle includes a Privacy Data Protection solution by which uses encryption complaint with Singapore's Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), which  prevents data from being accidentally or maliciously leaked outside of the organization. An Anti-Email Spoofing program developed by InfoSec Ventures' Email Auth prevents a company's email from being spoofed by would-be hackers that seek to gain entry into organisations. Lastly a Cyber Security Insurance jointly provided by De'Hills Risk Services and Delta Insurance. The insurance covers the cost of business interruptions, third party liability, network extortion costs, data forensic consultants, public relations expenses and many other costs that SMEs may incur in case of a cyber attack or data breach.

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Contact: +65 6909 6009
Address: 9 Craig Road #03-01 Singapore 089669

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