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Above the Clouds

Membership Categories

Life Member

All persons who are former students of the School and have studied in the respective institutions for a period of not less than one full academic year shall be eligible for Life Membership. However, former students of the School who have joined other schools or educational institutions shall not be eligible for Life Membership whilst still students of those other schools/institutions. All persons who are eligible for Life Membership may become Life Members upon payment of a one-time one-time Life Membership fee of $200. Persons who are 21 to 28 years of age, and 55 years old and above, may become Life Members upon payment of a one-time Life Membership fee at a reduced rate of half the one-time Life Membership fee

Junior Member

All students who have graduated from the School are eligible for Junior Membership of the Association. The one-time Junior Membership fee is $20. The Junior Membership will expire when the Junior Member reaches 29 years of age. Thereafter, the Junior Member will cease to be a member of the Association. All Junior Members 21 years old and above or within one year of the cessation of their Junior Membership may convert to be Life Members upon payment of a one-time conversion fee, the amount of which shall be the difference between half the one-time Life Membership fee and the one-time Junior Membership fee paid upon becoming a Junior Member. 

Associate Member

Associate Membership may be conferred by the Association, upon application, on such persons who in the opinion of the Executive Committee are related to the School and/or would contribute to the furtherance of the objectives of the Association and/or who fulfill such criteria as the Executive Committee may determine from time to time. Such persons may include (but is not limited to) former students of other Lasallian schools in Singapore, Parents of current and former students of the School, and current and former Teachers of the School or other Lasallian schools in Singapore. The one-time Associate Membership fee of $20 is applicable.

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