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President's Message

Dear Brother and Sister Josephians,

It is my honour to serve you, our josephian alumni.


On behalf of my executive committee, I would like to express our gratitude to all the previous generations of presidents, executive committee members and volunteers for setting up our alumni association and developing it to what it is today.  It is now the responsibility of the 15th executive committee to carry the torch forward and be a beacon to unite our alumni community.


It has been my privilege and a pleasure to serve our alumni for the past 9 years in the (SJIOBA).  I warmly invite all Josephians to connect and experience the alumni association as I have.

There are 3 values fundamental to the Lasallian identity.  I will share my thoughts on each of these values of Faith, Service and Community.


Simon Seow - President, SJIOBA

Building Our Community

The EXCO will tap on businesses and our alumni networks to partner and organize more events that benefit our members.


The SJIOBA executive committee (EXCO) will shortly announce Josephian Journeys - a regular informal gathering of Josephian alumni for the simple purpose of fellowship.  There will be an added bonus opportunity to listen to a free talk by a subject matter expert in their respective fields.  This will be a free event for the alumni and our friends.  Venue, food & event related costs will be fully subsidized by the SJIOBA for the benefit of our OBA members.  A nominal sum may be charged to encourage full attendance, and reduce food wastage.  


Promoting Acts of Service

The SJIOBA wants every alumni member to succeed and thrive, to pass forward all the blessings that we, as Lasallians, have received throughout our lives.


With greater uncertainties in a complex world, it is increasingly important and urgent to have landing points of safe harbor throughout our individual journeys.  Our alumni community can be such a platform to help each of us drop anchor, find our footing, incubate our ideas and develop opportunities.  I strongly encourage Josephians in businesses, professions or trades to reach out to EXCO and discover how the SJIOBA can help.  


Our alumni association should remain a safe space for Josephians and our community. Serving in the alumni can strengthen our professional networks and enhance our personal development. Let us come together and encourage each other to plug into our alumni network and discover how it can help enrich our lives.

The SJIOBA website’s calendar of activities and event pages is a good place to get an overall view of upcoming activities and to see if an upcoming event may interest you.  The executive committee and I look forward to engaging and working together with you.    


Growing our Faith

Lastly, kindly allow me to talk a bit about my own experiences of Faith.  Faith is our guiding light in a dark world.  It helps to illuminate the path to tread and gives us courage to take the next step when in doubt.  For me, the Catholic faith has guided me throughout my life.  It is my hope that our alumni association with its Catholic roots can be a nexus for all Josephians to facilitate inter-faith dialogue, where Lasallians and our associates can grow spiritually in the Lasallian tradition and learn from one another. 

You can contact our secretariat @ 8628 9678 if you would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities or about the SJIOBA in general.  Our secretariat is equipped to direct you to the appropriate resource or EXCO member to build your ideas and realize our alumni aspirations together. Thank you.

Ora et Labora

Simon Seow
President, SJIOBA

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