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JMC Programs

The JMC consists of members who are willing to journey and share their experience with other members. The JMC caters to three categories:

  1. SJI IB and A Levels graduates.

  2. SJI University graduates.

  3. Members who are looking for a job or career change.

The JMC also hopes to be able to run other programs like Career Seminars and Fairs and Networking sessions for the SJIOBA members.

Current Program
SJI IB/A Level Graduates 2021 - This is the mentoring program for SJI IB and A Level graduates who are applying for University admission.

After the necessary verifications are completed you will receive an email to inform you that your mentoring account has been setup. Thereafter you will be able to access the Mentor Directory to browse through the list of mentors. Select the mentor that is most suited to you and contact the mentor through email or phone to introduce yourself. The mentor must agree to mentor and the mentee must agree to be mentored before the mentoring can commence. Each mentor is allowed to mentor three mentees.


If you are an SJI IB and A Levels graduate who would like to enrol as a mentee in this mentoring program, please click on the button to register.

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