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SJI Face Mask 2.0 with new and adjustable ear loops
The Limited Edition SJI Face Mask 2.0 with new and adjustable ear loops is designed by our very own SJI students. Wear it with pride or keep it as a collectible, it is something you will be proud to have and happy to have purchased. Every purchase of the SJI Face Mask 2.0 will help to support your beloved SJIOBA and the students’ effort to help the less well off in the school community. Limited Stock! Don’t miss this opportunity to own 1 or 2 or more of the Limited Edition SJI Face Mask 2.0.

SJI Face Mask 2.0 (Non Surgical / Medical Mask)

  • Delivery Options:

    • Standard Shipping is by Normal Mail and SJIOBA will not be responsible if the Mail gets lost and is not delivered to you.
    • Shipping with a tracking number is a safer option as the pacel can be tracked.
    1. The pictures are an Artist Impression and the actual SJI Face Mask 2.0 may vary from the pictures shown.
    2. The SJI Face Mask 2.0 is a fabric face mask. It is not a surgical or medical face mask.

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