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Terms and Conditions of SJI Facilities Rental

  1. Bookings of the facilities are subject to availability.

  2. The Hirer/Borrower shall fully indemnify the St Joseph’s Institution (“SJI” or the “School”) against any injury, loss of life or property suffered while on the school’s premises.

  3. It is the responsibility of the Hirer/Borrower to familiarise all attendees, participants and/or guests of the Event to the emergency exits at each location and assembly area.

  4. Except during the hours of use as specified in this application, no person shall be admitted into and/or be permitted to remain on SJI premises, unless expressly authorised by the Principal or his representative.  Hirer/Borrower assumes the responsibility to ensure that all attendees vacate SJI premises after the Event.

  5. Sale & consumption of liquors, tobacco, and/or alcoholic beverages is not allowed in SJI at any time.

  6. Prior written permission is required from the Principal or his representative for the consumption of food on SJI premises. Hirer/Borrower and all attendees of the event are required to consume food at the designated place approved.

  7. Use of fire/pyrotechnics is not allowed unless approved by the Principal or his representative with appropriate Risk Assessment & Management System (RAMS) or fire safety proposal submitted for consideration.

  8. Only the sound amplification, sound reproduction and stage lighting equipment belonging to the School may be used on payment of the prescribed tariff charges; but when such equipment cannot be provided by the School, the Hirer/Borrower may use his own equipment provided that prior permission from the Principal or his representative has been obtained.

  9. Unless with the permission of the Principal or his representative, no person shall be admitted to the control room or handle the stage lighting appliances and theatrical equipment and/or operate the stage switchboard and air-conditioning plants etc in the PAC, LTs, Founders Hall or any other venues within the School’s premises.

  10. Excessive noise from electronic devices that is likely to cause annoyance to other users of the premises is strictly prohibited.

  11. All passage ways in the auditorium of the PAC, Indoor Sports Hall, Founders Hall and all means of exit shall be kept clear of chairs, tables, and any objects which may cause obstruction.

  12. The storage of any property on the School’s premises is at the risk of the Hirer/Borrower or the owner of the property and SJI will not be responsible for any damage or loss from any cause whatsoever.

  13. No Hirer/Borrower shall have control of any staff member of the School. Any disagreement with or misbehaviour on the part of any member of the School staff should be reported to the Principal as soon as possible.

  14. Applications for the hiring or renting of the premises must be made in writing to the Principal or his representative who is authorised to accept bookings.

  15. It shall be the duty of the Hirer/Borrower to prove and obtain all necessary regulatory licences or permits for the use of the School’s premises to hold any Event, performance, rehearsal etc. from the relevant authorities.

  16. Special consideration is given to school, national and state functions. It may be necessary to cancel other functions if the date(s) booked coincide with the date(s) of School, national or state functions which cannot be advanced or deferred.

  17. Should any SJI’s equipment or property be broken, damaged or lost, or should any damage be done to SJI’s premises while they are on hire/loan, the Hirer/Borrower shall pay for such damage or loss, failing which the School will deduct the replacement cost from the deposit. No equipment or property shall be altered or modified without the prior approval of the Principal or his representative. If approval is given, the School may require a deposit to cover the cost of repair or replacement of equipment or property that might be damaged.

  18. In the absence of wilful default, the School’s management and representatives shall not be held responsible for any loss of or damage to the properties of the Hirer/Borrower.

  19. The Hirer/Borrower must be entirely responsible for the proper and safe setting of any property used in the School’s premises and for the proper working of all his own electrical, mechanical and other appliances. SJI shall not be held responsible for any expenses, claims or demands in the event of any accident occurring to any person engaged in connection with the work.

  20. The number of attendees shall include all persons using SJI’s premises, including but not limited to accompanying child or helper.  The person booking the premise must inform SJI when booking the facilities if there are any child below 12yos attending.  SJI does not have child friendly facilities.

  21. The Hirer/Borrower shall indemnify the Principal and the School against all claims, demands, actions and proceedings arising out of any infringement of copyright on unauthorised playing, performance or use of any recording, apparatus or contrivance during the rental of premises.

  22. No commercial advertisements, posters or banners are allowed in any part of the premises without the prior approval of the Principal.

  23. The Principal reserves the right to cancel, terminate, advance or defer the booking(s) of any part of the facilities at any time by notice to the Hirer/Borrower. In this respect, the decision of the Principal shall be final.

  24. The Principal reserves the right to waive or amend any of the Terms and Conditions listed herein.

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