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Josephian Mentoring Circle

Young Businesswomen

The Josephian Mentoring Circle (JMC) is an initiative by the SJIOBA established in 2021 to support its members at the different stages of their life. Mentoring is about having a more experience person journeying, supporting and sharing their experiences with you as you encounter the different challenges at different stages of your life. The JMC consists of members who are willing to be mentors to journey, support and share their experience with other members.

The JMC mentoring program is a platform that allows mentees to select a mentor to journey with them. It provides the mentees with the opportunity to work with a mentor who is able to help them to build their network and gain valuable insights and information about their industry. The JMC mentoring program caters to three categories:

  1. SJI IB and A Levels graduates.

  2. SJI University graduates.

  3. Members who are looking for a job or career change.

The JMC also hopes to be able to run other programs like Career Seminars and Fairs and Networking sessions for the SJIOBA members.

The JMC is managed by a team of members who truly believes in the benefits of mentorship.

If you would like to join our team as a mentor or management committee member, please email your interest to We are looking forward to hearing from you.

If you are an SJI IB or A Levels graduate who would like to enrol as a mentee in our JMC mentoring program please click HERE.

The JMC Team

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